Coronavirus and Italy
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Coronavirus and Italy

How to use Solar ingress charts for monthly predictions ?

R. Hakan Kırkoğlu

Although solar ingress chart for cardinal signs are used for seasonal or yearly purposes, each monthly solar ingress into the signs can be taken as valid indicators for evaluating monthly trends. Once we combine them with monthly profections within a solar return, (on a mundane chart of a nation) we can get much a clearer representation of the developing events.

In this short article, I tried to show monthly dynamics during the spread of Covid-19 (new type of Coronavirus) in Italy from January 2020 to the present time and some months further.

It is stated that the virus was first confirmed to have spread in Italy on 31 January 2020, the number of confirmed cases has increased to 16 in Lombardia on 21 February 2020.

In terms of profections, Italy has been under 2nd house Sagitarrius yearly profection thus making Jupiter (planet of expansion in every sense) the year lord for the entire year (2019-2020) and Italy’s own Jupiter is in the 12th house (house of unseen, unkown, Libra: relations ?) and conjuct with Chiron too. Natally, Jupiter is well aspected with the Sun (but from the 8th house) as well as under superior square from Saturn in Cancer (bad) and Venus (good). Saturn both rules the 3rd and the 4th houses.

In the 2019-20 Solar return chart Jupiter is finely posited in Sag and the 5th house but also under a grand cross with both luminaries as well as Neptun. I think, here Jupiter acted rather in a very expansionary way and proned to ignorance and laxness.

Starting from the monthly profections, we read as follow:
10 Jan to10 Feb: Cancer/9th house (inside Sat & Venus)
10 Feb- to 10 March Leo/10th house (inside Mars, MC)
10 March – 10 April Virgo/11th house
10 April – 10 May Libra/12th house (inside Year Lord Jupiter)
10 May -10 June Scorpio/1sth house (inside Moon)

Hence making monthly lords, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars respectively.

On the other hand, for the solar ingress charts (Rome, Italy) for each sign, beginning by Aquarius (as the first cases were confirmed on 31th January)

In this chart, Cancer is on the ascendant and the Moon is also ML and happens to be in the 6th house of illnesses conjunct with Mars in Sag (something international) Moon and Mars are in the yearly profected sign from Asc. YL Jupiter in Capricorn, close to the Dsc and conjunct with the South node. The Sun as well is also in the 8th house of death. (squared by Uranus)

For the period of Pisces (19 Feb to 20 March), ML is Sun and the ingress for Pisces is below. In this period Italy went into lock-down from partial to total. 

Monthly profected sign Leo is in the 7th house and the Sun is connected with Mars in the 12th house. Aquarius is rising (natal 4th house in Italy’s chart) but Saturn also in the 12th house (conjunct with Pluto) Moreover, Uranus squares Asc and also connected with Mars, - between the12th and the 4th houses. Furthermore, the Moon is desperately in Capricorn and conjunct by Mars-south node.

For the period of Aries (current situation, 20 March to 19 April) ML Mercury, natal 11/Virgo profection) On 20 March, the Ministry of Health ordered tighter regulations on free movement. The new measures banned open-air sports and running, except individually and in close proximity of one's residence. Parks, playgrounds and public green were closed down. Furthermore, movement across the country was further restricted, by banning any movement towards a residence different from the main one, including holiday homes, during weekends and holidays. Aries ingress chart which is also a chart for the yearahead) is below:

Aquarius (natal 4th house in Italy’s chart) is rising again and Saturn is still in the 12th house and just on the anaretic degree suggesting that the conditions are stickly bad, only hope is Saturn has ingressed into Aquarius, hence opening up a new path to freedom. Here monthly profected sign Virgo is in the 8th house and during this period record level of death are occuring, with an hope that it is peaking. Mercury has just recovered from retrogradation and still in Pisces, in a weak position. The Moon in Aquarius in the 1st house highlights how current conditions are crucial for people. The Moon is almost in the balsamic phase, but aspected by an angular Venus in her domicile.

What we could deduct from the upcoming months' charts ?

From the 10th April to 10th May, Italy will be under 12th Libra monthly profection which would indicate lengthening isolation and lock-down period and hopefully gradual recovery (?). Taurus ingress chart, starting from 19th April is below: ML Venüs

Here is Virgo rising (natal 11th in Italy’s chart) which is related to the Health and need for organization and hygiene. However Mercury is in the 8th house of crises and it is sextiled by Mars (his dispozitor) from the 6th house. ML Venus in the 10th and Libra in the 2nd might suggest there is a focus on economy, budget as well as governing those areas. Venus is also aspected with Mars in the 6th house, hence displaying the connection in both areas, contagion and economy and workers. Interestingly, Moon and Neptune is just conjunct on the Dsc. The conditions of people are still in question and  vulnerable.

Finally, from the 10th May to 10th June, hopefully we have 1st house Scorpio monthly profection. This might be a time for recovery and from Gemini ingress will be active starting from the 20th May, whose chart below:

In this chart, Libra rising (12th house of natal Italy) but Venus is stationary retrograde in Gemini, in the 9th house making her rather weak and not very helpful. ML Mars in Pisces in the 6th still shows the fragility of situation or even harming both lights (from the 6th) Balsamic Moon in Taurus in the 8th house might indicate worsening economic conditions and need of security and stability, as it is conjunct with Uranus and under superior square from Saturn. ☹

Starting from June 2020, Italy will have Capricorn 3rd house yearly profection which highlights a cautious or even restricted period, indeed solar return for 2020 has Moon and Saturn conjunct (Year lord for 2020-2021) in Aquarius in the 5th house indicating much sober and controlled times. Capricorn in the 4th could show the gravity of what Italians have been through nationwide. As Venus, ruler of the SR ascendant is retrograde, the joy and pleasure would take some much longer time.

 R. Hakan Kırkoğlu - 24.3.2020

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